Homan Square Community Center

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A critical piece of the original Homan Square vision, the Homan Square Community Center is the heart of the campus. The 70,000 square-foot facility addressed a decade-long desire of community leaders for a comprehensive recreation, health and family center. In the late 1990’s an advisory committee of local residents, the Community Center Advisory Council, was formed and a small group of potential service providers recruited to begin making plans. Once an initial plan was developed a fund raising committee was formed from the top-tier of Chicago civic leaders. These individuals joined neighborhood leaders in launching what became a $28.7 million fund raising effort.

Construction began in fall of 1999 and was completed in December of 2001. The long-delayed dream was finally a vital reality. Now more than 6,000 visitors come to the Center for recreation or programs each week. Homan Square Campus service providers have grown their services over the years and have also extended their collaborations out into the community to serve even more residents.