Original Sears Tower

This original 14-story Sears Tower, constructed as part of the Sears Catalog Facility, provided management offices, an observation deck and circulation among floors for many of Sears’ 22,000 employees. The Tower dates back to 1906 and was once home to the radio station WLS — World’s Largest Store. In 1974, Sears moved its offices to the Loop, and in 1987, closed down the distribution facility.

Today, the Tower is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is now the John D. and Alexandra C. Nichols Tower.  The Nichols’ generosity supported substantial renovation of the Tower and is once again ready to actively contribute to the economic, educational and cultural life of North Lawndale.  A longtime beacon of hope and opportunity, the Tower has remained silent and empty as schools, a community center and new homes sprung up around it.  The beacon is now poised to become a hub.  Find out more about the Nichols Tower.

tower outside