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Current Projects

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Architectural rendering of a Homan Square PSH lot. Two buildings, each two stories tall, are positioned on the corner of a street block. The buildings have flat roofs, balconies, and large windows.

Permanent Supportive Housing

Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH) is a model of housing for people with disabilities who need ADA-accessible homes with supportive, community-based services to help them live independently. This type of housing is in high demand as more people with disabilities prefer to live in communities rather than in medical facilities, or wish to age-in-place in the neighborhoods they call home.

The Homan Square PSH project is a rental housing development that will construct 21 units of new housing across 3 sites that will be both affordable and accessible to people with disabilities. All units will include universal design features that meet a wide range of disability accommodations, and all first-floor units will be fully wheelchair accessible. These apartments will be rented to people with all types of disabilities, including seniors and veterans. 16 units will remain affordable to their residents (meaning that rents will never be more than 30% of the tenant’s annual income) through project-based rental assistance. Of the 5 units that are unsubsidized, rents will be aligned with market prices in Homan Square and purposefully kept low to provide the most affordable options for potential tenants. These accessibility and affordability accommodations allow residents greater financial and personal freedom to live their lives. Once completed, these buildings will be owned and managed by FHS.


Homan-Harrison Mixed-Use Development

Homan Square residents have identified the vacant, south-west corner of Homan Avenue and Harrison Street as a primary site to develop a new construction, mixed-use building. This site is strategically located near the Kedzie-Homan Blue Line Station and serves as a gateway to the Homan Square neighborhood.

Through resident engagement, conceptual designs for this development envision a 3-story building with food service and office space on the first floor, and flexible co-working or office spaces on the second and third floors. Activating the streetscape around the building will be a priority in its design to ensure that the building is welcoming to all.