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Current Projects

Our vision for Homan Square is to create and maintain a special place that improves the quality of life for the residents of the North Lawndale neighborhood. We believe that access to high-quality social services, a modern recreation facility and excellent educational opportunities can make a difference in people’s lives. Guided by our 2018 Strategic Development Plan, FHS continues to pursue place-based community development initiatives that make this vision a reality.

Architectural rendering of a Homan Square PSH lot. Two buildings, each two stories tall, are positioned on the corner of a street block. The buildings have flat roofs, balconies, and large windows.

Homan Square PSH

Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH) is a model of housing for people with disabilities who need ADA-accessible homes with supportive, community-based services to help them live independently. This type of housing is in high demand as more people prefer to live in communities rather than medical facilities, or wish to age-in-place.

Homan-Harrison Gateway

Homan Square residents have identified the vacant, south-west corner of Homan Avenue and Harrison Street as a primary site to develop a new construction, mixed-use building. This site is strategically located near the Kedzie-Homan Blue Line Station and serves as a gateway to the Homan Square neighborhood.

Home Sweet Homan

Home Sweet Homan is an effort by FHS and our community development partners at IFF to construct 20 new single-family homes in Homan Square to expand affordable homeownership opportunities in the neighborhood.

Creative Placemaking

In Homan Square, we believe that the presence of art, creativity, and culture in a neighborhood improves the quality of life for all residents. Creative endeavors open up space for community dialogue and contribute to a more representative – and fun! – vision of the built environment.