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Nichols Tower

The original ‘Sears Tower,’ a 14-story building that provided management offices on the Sears campus, is now the John D. and Alexandra C. Nichols Tower.

Vacant for many years, the building was restored in 2016 with generous support from the Nichols family and is now a hub for nonprofit arts, multi-media education, youth leadership development, job training, and more.
Tenants include the following service providers.

Tower Tenants


IFF is a mission-driven lender, developer, and consultant that helps communities thrive. Across the Midwest, they work at the nexus of facilities and finance to help nonprofits and other service providers to create safe, inspiring spaces that enable them to achieve their missions and support their communities. IFF is a Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) certified by the U.S. Department of the Treasury. They also serve as a community development partner to FHS. Learn more.

Lawndale Business Renaissance Association

Lawndale Business Renaissance Association’s mission is to revitalize businesses, both industrial and commercial, in the Lawndale community. The focus of the organization is to bring new businesses to the area and the retention and expansion of existing businesses. Through this focus existing and new jobs will be created making the overall community healthier. This task will be accomplished through the use of city, county, state and federal programs and incentives. Learn more.

Options for Youth

Options for Youth supports vulnerable adolescents in the Chicago area and helps them create positive options for their futures. Learn more.

School of the Art Institute of Chicago

The School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) will introduce a highly integrated curriculum in the visual arts, design, and technology designed to encourage deep collaborations with the North Lawndale community. SAIC will offer both short workshops and full courses aimed at community residents. An Artist in Residence Program will collaborate with nearby communities around themes of social and civic engagement, public and community art, urban studies, and urban agriculture. Learn more.

Westside Insurance Agency, LLC

Westside Insurance Agency’s goal is to assist individuals in protecting their lives and their assets. They represent a number of insurance companies so their clients have multiple choices. Learn more.

West Side United

West Side United serves as a united voice advocating and contributing to the holistic health of residents and neighborhoods on the West Side of Chicago. They work at the heart of community, civic, and commercial vitality to address disparities in health equity. Learn more.