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Reclaim Homan Square Homeownership Initiative

Project Vision

The Reclaim Homan Square Homeownership Initiative (“Reclaim”) is an effort by FHS and our community development partners at IFF to construct 20 new single-family homes in Homan Square to expand affordable homeownership opportunities in the neighborhood.

Interested in Buying a Home?

More information on how to buy a Reclaim home will be coming soon! Stay up to date with all things Reclaim by signing up for the FHS email list at the link below.

Transforming vacant lots into new neighbors.

There are thousands of vacant lots on the West and South sides of Chicago. Reclaim Chicago is an effort led by United Power for Action and Justice to return these lots to our neighborhoods. The construction of single family homes will create opportunities for intergenerational wealth building through affordable homeownership.

Lots in the Homan Square footprint selected for future Reclaim homes.


How much will Reclaim homes cost?

While a final cost has yet to be determined, our team estimates that the new homes will cost somewhere between $250,000 to $275,000. This price point is meant to target potential buyers making an average income for Chicago (60%-80% AMI). Right now, the average annual income for a family of 4 is in the window of: $62,520 – $83,350. 

Where will the homes be constructed?

The homes will be constructed on 20 vacant lots throughout Homan Square. In line with the 2018 Strategic Development Plan, this project will activate these lots with positive infill development.

What will the homes look like?

Our community development team is still finalizing designs. Check back soon for updates!

Will there be any sort of assistance for homebuyers?

Yes. Potential homebuyers will have access to homeownership counciling to assist them through the entire homebuying process – if desired. Our team is still seeking a homeownership partner, so register for the FHS email listserv for more information once it is available.

Project Partners

Have questions about this project?

Contact our community development partners at