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The Foundation for Homan Square strives to sustain an environment that helps students and families live their best lives through quality educational, recreational, healthcare and family support services, while instilling the desire to dream big and the skills to maximize success.


A New Strategic Direction

The success of Homan Square lies in its ability to concentrate local organizations and businesses addressing community needs within the same Campus as the families that utilize their services, creating a sense of place. Organizations range from health care and recreation, to family support services and education, to arts programming and workforce development. Yet, despite the success of the Campus, continued investment is needed to support new development and investment in the broader North Lawndale and East Garfield Park community. The Greater Homan Square Strategic Development Plan focuses on a shared vision for real estate development contributing to an income-inclusive, healthy community. This Plan aims to build upon the success of the Homan Square Campus by broadening focus to include an additional 2-3 blocks surrounding the Campus.

Strategic goals outlined in this document are intended as a blueprint to:

  • Explore opportunities for development within an expanded Homan Square footprint,
  • Develop quality housing across the spectrum of affordability,
  • Develop mixed-use and commercial projects that provide space for community programming and local businesses, and
  • Inspire potential investment in specific projects within the larger Plan.