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New Permanent Supportive Housing Project

The Foundation for Homan Square (FHS) is excited to announce the launch of the upcoming Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH) development in Homan Square. The project will include the development of 21 new units of affordable and accessible units across three vacant sites in the community, with a focus on providing safe housing seniors and residents with disabilities. The PSH development also links with the start of the FHS Vacant Lot Campaign public art project.   

FHS will be working with development partner, IFF, to use IFF’s successful Home First housing model for this projectIndividuals with disabilities face major barriers when transitioning out of nursing homes and other large institutions to affordable homes in communities of their choice. IFF’s Home First initiative provides an alternative by creating accessible, scattered-site housing specifically for people with a broad range of disabilities. Experienced developers at IFF with long-term commitments to the Homan Square Community will be overseeing the day-to-day design and construction activities, while the Foundation for Homan Square will continue to be the land steward and community liaison. 

The need for affordable and accessible infill housing was elevated by the FHS Community Advisory Council during the 2018 community planning process, when residents emphasized the need for affordable housing for seniors and people with disabilities. The Foundation for Homan Square, which has built 383 units of housing in Homan Square, also maintains a waiting list which numbers over 150 families, demonstrating the need for this projectSince the fall, IFF and FHS hosted six outreach meetings to gather feedback from the Homan Square community.  

The project will increase the stability of the neighborhood and ensure that long-time residents of Homan Square can remain while other development comes to the community. The stability of the Homan Square campus signals to investors and partners the potential for success in developing additional surrounding assets, all critical to equitable housing, education, and healthcare. 

Construction is scheduled to begin in Winter 2022, with expected move-in for residents to begin in Fall 2022. Employing Local and Minority Business Enterprises hire is high priority for FHS and IFF, with goals of exceeding City of Chicago threshold requirements. Updates on job fairs and hiring opportunities will be posted to the FHS website as well as local construction channels.  

This project was made possible by the Illinois Housing Development Authority’s Permanent Supportive Housing grant.